Information for tattoo artists and studios

So what should a tattoo studio look like?

A good studio and tattoo artist/studio will:

  • Have registration certificates on display in a prominent position for both the business premises and themselves.
  • Be clean and tidy. It should look as clean as you would expect in a medical setting, such as, a hospital.
  • Have smooth surfaces that are clean and of a material that can be easily cleaned.
  • Have a smooth washable floor surface so that it can be easily cleaned.
  • Have signage stating there is no smoking, eating, drinking or animals in the treatment room and should enforce this.
  • Talk to you about the tattoo you would like and advise accordingly.
  • Provide you with a health questionnaire to complete to establish your medical background. The health questionnaire gives the tattoo artist an indication of any medical conditions, such as diabetes and allergies. These can put you at greater risk of developing complications.
  • Ask for proof of age, as it is illegal for a person under the age of 18 to be tattooed. Photographic ID must be shown and photocopies maybe taken. Parental consent is not accepted.
  • Have a wash hand basin in the treatment room.
  • Only tattoo in the treatment room and have separate facilities for making refreshments and going to the toilet etc.
  • Have equipment including treatment couches/beds/chairs, in the studio that can be easily cleaned.
  • Wash their hands and lower arms before putting on surgical gloves and change their gloves frequently and always between clients.
  • Have sterile equipment. Needles and certain parts of the tattooing equipment should be wrapped and then opened in front of you so you know it is sterile.
  • Have suitable lidded waste bins around the premises a sharps bin and a clinical waste bin in the treatment room and they should never be overflowing with waste.
  • Cover your tattoo with a dressing when they have finished and provide you with detailed verbal and written aftercare advice. Taking care of your tattoo following the advice provided by the tattoo artist is just as important as the tattoo artist following strict hygiene procedures in their studio.

If you don’t use a qualified and experienced tattoo studio you could be left with something like the examples below:

The Funny Tattoo Spelling Fails

Misspelled Radiohead Tattoo

That Moment Tattoo Spelling Fails Atention to Detale Tattoo

The Undesirable Tattoos Spelling Fails fail-owned-myspace-your-mine-tattoo-spelling-fail